About Global Art Foundation

Nature manifests itself in everyday life in the form of ART. If we do not see in so distant past the routine work was a beautiful artwork. The mud and bamboo houses with their interior walls decorated with figurative work in natural colors, the courtyards telling a story of its own. The fields with meticulous rows of crops shows an artist in every farmer. The people living in rural areas/countryside are born artists. But with life becoming mechanized by the introduction of modern technology, there is hardly anytime left to follow your heart.
This is the reason why the Global Art Foundation came into being. The aim is to celebrate the spirit of Art and bring people together by dissolving the geographical boundaries and communication barriers and interact in one language. This is also our way to preserve the rich heritage and cultures of the world. It is an Endeavour to reconnect man with nature and its elements.
Here we give a space to people to think, conceptualize, and give wings to their imagination and re-discover the artist in them. This platform is for everyone, whether full-time working artist, the most upcoming, armatures or the people who simply had to forgo their artistic instincts for other obligations. .
We at Global Art Foundation are committed team of like-minded individuals who want to preserve, promote and propagate Art in its multi-dimensional forms. For us anyone who wants to give a visual form to his/her imagination is an Artist, and they are most welcome to connect with us.

Our mission is to establish residencies in natural surroundings at various locations, so that it would be approachable to the interested participants and they don't have to travel too far. . First in this direction is residency in the GOD's own place, Kerala. It is a forest land with mud and bamboo houses. We have taken care not to interfere and disturb the Mother Nature at the same time provide the basic amenities to the dwellers. It is an ideal location both for the established and well-known artists who want to be on their own as well as for the upcoming and armatures who want to grow and need to concentrate and work in solace. Our main aim is to encourage the people having immense talent but somehow got lost in the social demands and responsibilities.